Thrive Conference wants to help Christians live out the gospel in their workplace impacting themselves, their work and their city

Following the success of Thrive Conference 2019, the impact of Covid-19, and after many weeks of prayer, we believe God is calling us to move Thrive 2020 to a fully online conference that seeks to encourage, equip and empower believers right across Scotland.

Moreover, we sense that God is speaking to his church during this period of enforced physical separation.

  • What is God saying to us about how we support those around us suffering from fear, anxiety & uncertainty?
  • What are the tools that people need to thrive in these new realities?
  • What are the tools and principles for leading well at work?

We are seeking to focus on six key areas for the 2020 conference:

T – teaching. Biblical truth for troubling times. What does the Bible teach about how to thrive in times of difficulty?

H- harvest. What are we seeing, where is God at work? How do we partner with God in bringing in the kingdom harvest?

R – refresh. Personally, collectively, nationally, ecologically – helping us to find pools of refreshment amidst the many challenges

I – inclusion. How do we work shoulder to shoulder with non-Christians in our workplace and cities to bring kingdom blessing to our nation?

V – vision. What lies ahead for the church, work, and Scotland? What are the key principles and playbook for thriving in the new normal?

E – ecosystem. How can we build a gospel eco-system across Scotland that blesses our communities, cities and workplaces?

THRIVE 2020 – Teaching, Harvest, Refresh, Inclusion, Vision, Ecosystem

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Highlights of Thrive 2019 inaugural conference in Aberdeen