the vision: a catalyst conference

This conference has been born out of a desire to see God move in the places and people we move amongst each and every day, many of whom would never enter a church building. Our aim is to see Christians live out the gospel in and through their workplace – impacting themselves, their work and our city.

Thus, the theme of the conference is how we can be an influence and make an impact in the workplace. It is aimed at Christians who are:

  • struggling to see how God can use them in the workplace
  • needing encouraged, equipped and empowered to see their workplace as a place of ministry
  • wanting to make a bigger impact on the corporate culture around them and the city in which they work

We are asking ourselves: how can we help Christians flourish in the workplace? A place that is often tiring, stressful, and resistant to Christian things. It is our belief that God is moving within our corporate world across Scotland and we want to catch something of His vision and heart for our workplace.

The Business Connection, City Vision, Global Advance, SOLAS, King’s Community Church, Cornerstone Free Church of Scotland and a number of other key mission partners, have joined together to bring you a time of inspiring teaching, great worship and honest conversations. We would love you to join us and be part of the movement.

Would you invest one day of your entire year in seeking to make the other 260 or so days at work more purposeful and influential?